About us

The company was born in 1981 from the synergy of three artisans of fashion industry, strong of a notable experience in the segment of the intimate they decided to aim at a new product, turned to the middle-high segment of the market: an intimate studied in the design, appreciated in the materials, with refinement and care of the detail, characterized by technical wise of workmanship.

Today COTTON CLUB is one of the most important Italian brands in lingerie industry and has an only owner Roberto Crescentini, and it counts approximately 90 employees and 150 external collaborators.  You will find our COTTON CLUB products in the most qualified boutiques in Italy, our domestic market, all the European and East European Countries as well as in Russia, Japan, China, Australia and some of the Arabian States.

Nowadays the brand is divided into various labels:

- COTTON CLUB, historical label, icon-symbol of the fashion of quality, articulated in different lines.

The Rubino line is a basic collection, simple, smooth without embroideries realized in microfiber, in micro tulle and in cotton. This line is in continue producing new range. The Silk line, a sugar of the top of Cotton Club, realized with a very sophisticated fabrics, stretch silk which demands an accurate and difficult handcraft workmanship.

The Oro line is a synonymous on the market of class, refinement, prestige, elegance. It is elite collection, famous for its value, devoted to an "adult" woman who exhibits with safety her charm.

The Argento Line, in degree to satisfy the taste and the demands of the young and sparkles ladies, who likes to interpret the roles of the sexy, romantic, innocent woman in an exchange of parts that is imagination and game.

- COTTON CLUB SWIMWEAR, is a beachwear of prestige endowed with great versatility, so that to be able to satisfy every aspect of the female personality without skipping the attention to the fashion.

- RCrescentini Private Collection, exclusive lines of high range, characterized by a refined and sensual design.

- RCrescentini Beach Couture, elegant and exclusive beachwear articles turn to underline the most female and sexy side of every Woman. Collections are rich in glamour, characterized by a great research on the Fabrics and from a wise of sewing art.